BP 2002


March 3-7, 2002
Budapest, Hungary
[Early morning light]
Boromisza, Tibor: "Early morning light"

Proceedings of the Workshop:

The Proceedings of the Workshop will include contributions from all speakers with a maximum of 10 pages . The Proceedings will be published in Heavy Ion Physics. However, a special edition (scheduled for July 2002) will be published for the participants of the Workshop. To keep this close date, the submission deadline is also close.

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The Proceedings of the Workshop:

- preliminary content as of 10 June, 2002 -

Ströbele, Herbert : Particle production in Pb+Pb collision at the SPS
David, Gabor : Results from PHENIX: Year-1 and outlook
Van Buren, Gene: STAR results on mixed hadron ratios from 130 AGeV
Zimányi, József : Faces of quark matter
C.M. Ko, Z.W. Lin, S. Pal : Partonic effects in heavy ion collisions at RHIC
Xu, Nu : Collective dynamics at RHIC
I. Vitev, M. Gyulassy, P. Levai : Jet energy loss in hot dense matter
Krasnitz, Alex : Gluons, chirality and elliptic flow from the color glass condensate
Gyulassy, Miklos : Why is the null HBT result at RHIC so interesting?
Csernai, László: QGP hydrodynamics for RHIC energies
Csörgö Tamás : Inflation of fireballs, the gluon wind and the homogenity of the HBT radii at RHIC
Ster, András : Reconstruction of space-time picture of particle production at RHIC
Wolf, György : From meson- and photon-nucleon scattering to vector mesons in nuclear matter
Soyeur, Madeleine : Quantum interference of rho0- and omega-mesons in the pi N -> e+e- N reaction
S. Leupold : Broad resonances in transport theory
C.L. Korpa, M.F.M. Lutz : Self-consistent kaon and pion dynamics in the nuclear medium
Lovas, István : The tomography of quark-gluon plasma by vector mesons
Greiner, Walter : Superheavy Matter, Strange Matter, Anti Matter and the Structure of the Vacuum
Fischer, Hans Gerhard: Baryon number transfer, net baryon distributions and baryon pair production in hadron+nucleon interactions
Varga, Dezsö : Baryon number transfer in hadron+nucleus and nucleaus+nucleus collisions - a link between elementary and complex interactions
Cole, Brian : Strange baryon production and projectile fragmentation in p-A collisions at the AGS
B. Kämpfer, J. Cleymans, K. Gallmeister, S.M. Wheaton : Thermal parameters in heavy-ion collisions at SPS and RHIC: centrality dependence
R. Vogt : Heavy quark production in Heavy Ion Colliders?
Zhang, Xiaofei : Resummed pQCD for W+- and Z0 transverse momentum spectra at RHIC and LHC
Patkós, András : Finite temperature spectral function of the sigma meson from large N expansion
Fodor Zoltán : Lattice QCD results at finite T and mu
Blaschke, David : Hadronic spectral function and charm meson production
Senger, Peter : Strangeness and charm in dense baryonic matter: Present and future experiments at GSI
Molnár, Dénes: The decoupling problem at RHIC
Barnaföldi, Gergely: Perturbative QCD results on pion production in pp, pA and AA collisions
A. Shanenko, T.S. Biró, V.D. Toneev : Quasiparticles and thermodynamical consistency
Lukács, Béla : Hadronic yields, physical reality and the objective external world